Louisiana State Nurses'Association (LSNA)
Advancing nursing practice and improving the health status of individuals, families, and communities

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Strategic Plan

The following Strategic Plan was adopted by the membership at the October 11, 2010 District Meeting:

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats



Ø      Financially sound

Ø      Large number of post-baccalaureate nurse members

Ø      Membership from diverse areas of practice

Ø      Perceived need/demand for services/expertise

Ø      Limited number of memberships

Ø      Weak representation in outlying areas

Ø      Low turnout at district meetings

Ø      Low number of district sponsored activities/events

Ø      Low representation from ethnic minorities



Ø      Greater community involvement

Ø      Expand membership

Ø      Increase presence in all parishes

Ø      Increase diversity

Ø      Declining revenue

Ø      Lack of participation from members





The objectives for LSNA District IV over the next three years are:


Ø      Expand membership both by number and by diversity.

Ø      Increase visibility and community awareness.

Ø      Improve nursing practice through utilization of evidence based science.

Ø      Provide an expert opinion on healthcare and nursing issues and offer guidance to state leaders regarding legislation.

Ø      Increase district revenues




The following critical strategies will be pursued by LSNA District IV:


Ø      Maintain web site to accurately reflect current status of organization

Ø      Increase LSNA community sponsored events and decrease number of district meetings

Ø      Attend nursing recruitment fairs

Ø      Visit nursing schools and build stronger collaboration between student nursing organizations

Ø      Visit and bring district meetings to outlying areas

Ø      Offer incentives for participation in organization

Ø      Increase sponsorships for free memberships and nursing scholarships

Ø      Improve organization through increased board meetings

Ø      Implement new revenue producing goods/services

Ø      Actively promote LSNA to both nurses and non nurses by means of promotional giveaways, web site, and LSNA sponsored event

Major Goals

The following key targets shall be met within the next three years:

Ø      Membership shall increase by ten percent

Ø      The number of LSNA sponsored events shall be no less than four per year

Ø      Increase turnout at district meetings to a level greater than twenty

Ø      The number of district meetings shall decrease from six to four, unless turnout for meetings increases to a level which justifies current meeting total

Ø      The number of board meetings per year shall not be less than two

Ø      District meetings shall be held in at least two different parishes per calendar year

Ø      The district shall co-sponsor at least one event per year with student nursing organizations

Ø      The district shall increase revenue sufficient to fund increased activities/events

Ø      CE offerings will reflect current evidence

Ø      Increase presence in community with input into other community based organizations

Ø      Increase leadership capacity both internally and externally


Strategic Action Programs

The following strategic action programs will be implemented:

Ø      Officers: Invest time to attend nursing recruitment fairs at universities within our district as well as student organization meetings.

Ø      President: Investigate possible revenue generation. Visit local nursing schools and speak to students regarding membership in LSNA. Contact student nursing organization Presidents regarding co-sponsoring event(s). Develop operating budget for fiscal year. Ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding business operations and taxation.

Ø      Vice-President: Develop process to acquire CE program presenters with focus on researchers and evidence based practice presenters. Contact DONs from hospitals in outlying areas and determine where to have meetings in these locations.

Ø      Treasurer: Investigate possible revenue generation. Assist in preparing budget. File appropriate fiscal documentation such as tax forms.

Ø      Secretary: Investigate, with Vice-President, alternate locations to hold meetings and develop method of advertisement to ensure good turnout. Send out form letters to new members, members in grace period, and members cancelling membership with invitations to continue participation and become active in organization.

Ø      Board Members: Take on one event to be sponsored and conducted by LSNA during the year. Actively seek out participation in other community based organizations as a representative of LSNA District IV.

Ø      Members: Actively participate in workgroups and increase membership and public awareness by positive word of mouth.

Ø      Organization: Sponsor town hall meetings focusing on healthcare and pertinent changes for legislators who participate in our forums. Sponsor events that reflect the mission and vision of the organization.


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