Louisiana State Nurses'Association (LSNA)
Advancing nursing practice and improving the health status of individuals, families, and communities

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Name, Purposes, and Functions

Section 1: Name


            The name of this association shall be Louisiana State Nurses Association District IV, incorporated as the Lafayette District Nurses Association, which shall comprise the parishes of Lafayette, Vermilion, St. Martin, Acadia, St. Landry, Iberia and Evangeline.


Section 2: Purposes


The purposes of the District IV Nurses Association (DNA) shall be to:


A)    Work for the improvement of health care services for all people

B)    Foster high standards of nursing

C)    Stimulate and promote the professional development of nurses.


Section 3: Functions


The functions of the District IV Nurses Association shall include the following:


A)    To promote and support the efforts of the American Nurses Association (hereinafter referred to as ANA) and Louisiana State Nurses Association (hereinafter referred to as LSNA)

B)    To promote, through appropriate means, standards of nursing education and nursing services as defined by the ANA

C)    To promote adherence to the code of ethical conduct for practitioners established by the ANA.

D)    To promote legislation and speak for nurses in regard to legislative action.

E)    To provide for the continuing professional development of practitioners.

F)    To provide for organization and function of nursing practice interest groups as indicated.

G)    To maintain communications with other District Nurses Associations, the State Nurses Associations and their members.

H)    To represent nurses and serve as their spokesman with allied professional, community and governmental groups and the public.

I)      To provide for representation in the LSNA House of Delegates.

J)     To promote relationship and collaboration with the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses.

K)    To facilitate the professional nurse in creating a safe and uncompromised work environment in which to deliver quality patient care.


Section 4: Rights and Responsibilities as Constituent Member of District IV Nurses Association


            The District IV Nurses Association is a constituent member of the LSNA in accordance with policies adopted by the LSNA House of Delegates in order to gain rights of membership as constituent District Nurses Association and for its members as defined in the LSNA Bylaws.


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Membership and Dues 

Section 1: Composition


            The District IV Nurses Association shall be composed of members each of whom shall hold concurrent membership in ANA and LSNA.


Section 2: Qualifications


A member is one:


A)    Who holds an active or inactive nurse license in at least one state and who does not have a license under suspension or revocation in any state, or

B)    Who has completed a nursing education program that qualified the applicant to take NCLEX-RN, as a first time writer;

C)    Whose application for membership in LSNA has been accepted in accordance with association policy, and

D)    Whose dues are not delinquent, and

E)    Whose membership is not under revocation for violation of the ANA Code for Nurses or of ANA or LSNA Bylaws or District IV Bylaws.


District IV maintains a membership unrestricted by consideration of age, color, creed, disability, gender, health status, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation.


Section 3: Membership Privileges and Obligations


Members of District IV shall have membership privileges as follows:


A)    Participate in the election of District and LSNA delegates by secret ballot.

B)    Vote for officers and delegates as provided for in these bylaws.

C)    Serve in any District IV, LSNA or ANA elected or appointed position if so qualified and selected.

D)    Attend conventions or other unrestricted activities of District IV, LSNA or  ANA.

E)    Receive regular District communications.

F)    Attend the International Council of Nurses.

G)    Receive a constituent ANA/LSNA/District IV membership card and official publications.

H)    Hold membership in ANA, LSNA or District IV councils in accordance with provisions of bylaws.

I)      May attend any meeting of District IV or LSNA where official business is conducted except for Executive Session.


Section 4: Disciplinary Action


A)    Members shall be subject to censure or expulsion by the Association for violation of the Code for Nurses as established by ANA or for violation of ANA, LSNA or District IV Bylaws. No such action shall be taken against a member until such member shall have been served with written specific charges, given a reasonable time to prepare a defense and offered an opportunity for a full and fair hearing.

B)    Expulsion from the District IV Association shall result in expulsion from LSNA upon certification thereof by the DNA to LSNA.

C)    Any disciplinary action taken by another District nurses association against one of its members shall be given full recognition and enforcement, provided such action was taken in accordance with the disciplining District's bylaws and disciplinary procedures.

D)    The members may, within 90 days after notification of such action, request the District's Board to review any question of law or procedure involved therein.

E)    All disciplinary activities will be reported to the LSNA.

Section 5: Dues


A)    Dues for District IV shall be determined by the ANA and LSNA House of Delegates (includes the present rate of dues paid by LSNA to ANA). In the event that the rate of dues payable to ANA is increased, any such change should be automatically added to the annual dues owed by a member of District IV. Members' rights shall be forfeited upon failure to pay dues as required by current policy.

B)    Members who qualify for one of the following categories may elect to pay 50 percent of the annual dues:


1)     Nurses who are not employed;

2)     Registered nurse students in full-time study;

3)     Graduates of basic nursing programs for a first year of membership if initiated within six months following graduation; or

4)     Nurses 62 years of age or older who are not earning more than the Social Security system allows without loss of Social Security payments.


C)    Members who qualify for one of the following categories may elect to pay 25 percent of the annual dues:


1)     Nurses 62 years of age or older who are not employed.

2)     Members who are totally disabled.


Section 6: Transfer


A)    A member who has completed full payment of dues in one District Nurses Association (DNA) may transfer to another DNA without payment of additional dues for the remainder for the membership year.

B)    No dues are refunded to individual members transferring from one constituent DNA to another.

C)    No monies shall be refunded nor additional monies collected when a change in dues category is made within a membership year.


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Board of Directors


Section 1: Definition


The Board of Directors, a corporate body composed of elected members, serves as the agent for the district.


Section 2: Composition


A)    There shall be a Board which shall consist of officers and members, each of whom shall hold membership in LSNA/ANA.

B)    The Board of Directors of the organization shall be comprised of the officers of this association and four elected directors.

C)    The immediate past president will serve on the board in an ex-officio position. In the event this position becomes vacant it will remain vacant until the current president leaves office.


Section 3: Functions


The Board shall:


A)    Exercise the corporate responsibility and fiduciary duties of the association consistent with applicable provisions of law;

B)    Provide for the adoption of financial policies, adoption of the budget for the association which incorporates program plans for structural units, surveillance of district funds, the annual auditing of all books and reporting to the membership.

C)    Provide for implementation of association policies, positions, and directives of the LSNA House of Delegates.

D)    Develops and implements a strategic plan for the organization, incorporating directives from the District membership and LSNA House of Delegates.

E)    Establish policies and procedures for the transaction of business, coordination of association activities, and the operation and maintenance of an office.

F)    Define qualifications for appointive office unless otherwise specified in these bylaws.

G)    Establish special committees as necessary

H)    Make or confirm internal appointments, and fill vacancies as necessary.

I)      Assume such other duties as may be provided elsewhere in these bylaws.

J)     Control the use of the official insignia, and the procurement and sale of replicas thereof.

       K)   Make or confirm external appointments, and fill vacancies as necessary. 

Section 4: Term of Office


A)    Officers shall be elected biennially to serve for two years or until their successors are elected.

B)    The president, Treasurer and two Board members will be elected in the odd years.

C)    The vice-president, Secretary and two Board members will be elected in the even years.

D)    No officer or board member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office nor more than ten consecutive years on the Board. An officer or board member who has served more than half a term shall be considered to have served a full term.


Section 5: Vacancies


In the event of a vacancy occurring:


A)    In the office of president, the vice-president shall become president.

B)    All other vacancies shall be filled by Board appointment.


Section 6: Meetings


A)    The Board shall meet at least once annually at such time and place as determined by the Board to conduct the business of the association. Special meetings may be called by the president and shall be called upon the written request of no fewer than half of the DNA's or four members of the Board.

B)    Business which requires immediate attention by the Board may be conducted by mail, telephone or electronic means. Such action shall be subject to ratification at the next regular meeting of the Board.

C)    Absence from fifty percent (50%) of board meetings shall constitute a resignation, unless excused by the board, and the vacancy shall be filled as provided for in these bylaws, parliamentary authority, or by the Board.  


Section 7: Quorum


A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be a majority of its fixed membership. The president, president-elect or the vice-president must be present for the Board of Directors to be in session. In the event of vacancies in office such that the remaining membership in the Board falls below a majority of the fixed membership, those remaining members constitute a quorum for the purpose of filling vacancies.


Section 8: Executive Committee


There shall be an Executive Committee of the Board composed of the officers, who:


A)    Shall have all powers of the Board to transact business of an emergency nature between Board meetings. Such transactions shall be reported at the next regular Board meeting.

B)    Review and investigate reported violations of ANA Code of Ethics and decide a course of action.



Section 9:  Liability and Bonding


A)    The board of directors is authorized to incur expenses up to $500.00 in order to conduct business of the association.

B)    The president is authorized to incur expenses up to $250.00 in order to conduct business of the association. 

C)    All expenses will be reviewed by the membership at regular business meetings.  Receipts will be required for ALL expenditures.


Section 10: Functions of Officers


Officers shall assume duties as defined by these bylaws or by the Board.  At the end of an officer's term the outgoing officer will deliver to incoming officer all properties of the organization.


A)    The president shall serve as:


1)     Chairperson of the Board and the Executive Committee

2)     An ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee

3)     Representative of the DNA to LSNA 

           4)   Ensure compliance with federal and state regulation regarding transaction of business,incorporation, 
                     and taxation.
           5)   Act as the registered agent of the organization

B)    The vice -president shall:


1)     Orient to the duties of president

2)     In the absence of the president assumes the duties of the president

3)     Serve as alternate representative of the DNA to LSNA

4)     Assume other duties as requested by the president.

5)     Function as chair of the Program Committee


C)    The secretary shall:


1)     Be accountable for record keeping and reporting of meetings (board, executive committee, and general membership) of the district

2)     Maintain records of correspondence

3)     Send notices of meetings to membership

4)     Shall maintain an accurate list of names and addresses of all members of the district



D)    The treasurer shall:


1)     Be accountable for the fiscal activities of DNA

2)     Provide reports and interpretation of district's financial position to the board, executive committee and general membership

          E)   The board members shall:

               1) Chair or co-chair at least one district sponsored event per calendar year

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Standing Committees

Section 1: Definition


There shall be standing committees as follows:


A)    Program Committee

B)    Nominating Committee


The following workgroups will be convened on an as needed basis to accomplish the function and purpose of the DNA:


C)    Health Policy

D)    Membership and Community Relations



Section 2: Accountability


Each Committee/workgroup shall:


A)    Act in accordance with these Bylaws,

B)    Be accountable to the Board of Directors

C)    Present update of activities to the membership at regular meetings

D)    Submit an annual written report to the Board of Directors to include: a summary of activities and accomplishments, an evaluation of activities, and recommendations/plans for the coming year.

E)    Be appointed by the Board of Directors. Workgroups will receive charge from the Board of Directors.


Section 3: Vacancies


A)    Absence from two consecutive meetings without reason acceptable to the Board of Directors shall be cause for declaring a vacancy in the position.

B)    A vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors or as otherwise provided for in these Bylaws.


Section 4: Annual Budget


Each committee/workgroup shall propose a budget for all activities of the committee and submit to the Treasurer.


Section 5: Policies and Procedures


Each committee/workgroup shall establish and update guidelines, policies, and procedures related to committee/workgroup responsibilities.


Section 6: Committees*


A)    Composition


1)     The president-elect shall serve as ex-officio member

2)     The membership shall consist of an adequate number of members to accomplish designated task/function.


B)    Term of Office


1)     The chairperson of a committee shall serve for two years.

2)     Committee members shall serve for two years.

3)     Workgroup chairs and members will serve for the length of time necessary to fulfill the designated task.


C)    Responsibilities


1)     Recommend standards and policies for the operation of the DNA

2)     Make recommendations to the Board of Directors to improve the operations of the DNA.



D)    Meetings and Quorom


1)     Meetings shall be at least once annually

2)     Committee activity may be conducted via mail, telephone, electronic or any other means that facilitate the transaction of committee business

3)     The majority of the committee members shall constitute a quorum


*The Nominating Committee

Shall perform the duties described in a separate article of these bylaws on Nominations and Elections.



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 Article V
Nominations and Elections


Section 1: Nominations


Nominating Committee Responsibilities include:

A)    Chair shall be appointed by the president annually during the first quarter of the calendar year.

B)    Chair shall form a committee of three or five from the general membership  

C)    The Committee shall solicit nominees to be presented at the general membership meeting during the second quarter of the calendar year.

D)    The committee shall present to the membership at the general meeting of the third quarter (of calendar year) a draft ballot.  The ballot will be finalized and approved by the membership at this meeting.


Section 2: Elections 

E)    The committee shall hold elections within one month of the third quarter meeting.  Selected candidates shall be notified by the committee. 

F)    Elections shall occur by secret ballot of either paper or electronic means based on the preference of the individual member.
G)  Installation shall occur at the fourth quarter meeting. 


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Section 1: Amendments with Notice

These bylaws may be amended at any meeting by a majority of the membership present.  Proposed amendments are to be announced in advance of the meeting.


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Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order New Revised shall govern this Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Association may adopt.


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 Article VIII
Fiscal Year 

 Fiscal year of this association shall be the fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th.





Revised September, 2000

Revised August 2009

Approved by membership September 2009

Revised October 2010
Approved by membership January 2011 


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